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Many years of experience with DVS ZERT

This standard is the basis for the welding of metallic materials in the manufacture and repair of rail vehicles and parts. It specifies the quality requirements for the construction of new rail vehicles and their repair.

The certification according to DIN EN 15085-2 is relevant for manufacturers who weld on rail vehicles, rail vehicle parts and components. The standard is also aimed at design offices that design rail vehicles or rail vehicle parts as well as companies that purchase and assemble welded components or purchase and distribute them. The EN 15085 series standard is a recognised rule of technology throughout Europe and the world.

DVS ZERT, as an accredited certification body recognised by the ECWRV (European Committee for Welding of Railway Vehicles), audits your welding company for compliance with and implementation of the standard requirements of DIN EN 15085-2 at the corresponding certification level. After the successfully completed audit, we issue the certificate for the manufacture of railway vehicles and parts, for the construction as well as the purchase and assembly of welded components. For welding companies that carry out repair services on rail vehicles, the additional requirements according to EN 15085-6 must also be fulfilled.

Your advantages at a glance

  • DVS ZERT is a member of the Coordination Committee for Rail .
  • Our EN 15085-2 certificate can be viewed in the publicly accessible online register JOINCERT - EN15085.
  • You are assured of worldwide recognition of the certificate.
  • You will experience a significant increase in your competitiveness.

Certification procedure


Preliminary talk


Application for certification


Pre-audit (optional)


Initial inspection

Checking the personnel and technical requirements.



Issue of the certificate

After successful initial examination.




Random checks to ensure that the requirements are implemented in the company in conformity with the standards.




After three years, the requirements according to EN 15085-2 are tested again to extend the certification.



As a welding manufacturer, you are expected to implement and demonstrate the personnel and technical requirements for welding coordinators, welding and testing personnel as well as for the operational facilities and equipment, process qualifications and planning documents for construction, dimensioning, welding and testing in the corresponding certification level.


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