The sun rises in the East

Shanghai Skyline

Workshop in Shanghai

In Shanghai organisierten im Frühjahr 2017 der DVS ZERT mit seinem Kooperationspartner SLV Halle einen zweitätigen Workshop.

The objective of the event was the training and qualification of Chinese auditors for the certification of the manufacturers of building materials (EN 1090-1) including the approval of these auditors for their respective field of application. The directing manager of DVS ZERT, Mr. Tino Gurschke (see photograph) conducted the two-day workshop together with Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Patric Arlt (auditor of the SLV Halle). 

On 29.03.2017 Tino Gurschke was invited by the Chinese Welding Training Institute, WTI to the conference “China-Europe Join-Trans Asia Compact“. The conference was addressed to companies active in the field of rail vehicle engineering as well as suppliers in China. DVS ZERT and SLV Halle were introduced as partners of the WTI.

The successful co-operation in certification pursuant to EN 15085 is intended to be continued and further developed.

Tino Gurschke in Shanghai