The DVS ZERT celebrates its 25th anniversary

DVS ZERT celebrated a successful quarter of a century with its employees, the welding technology training and research institutes (SLVs) as well as the closest partners with whom the company cooperates successfully.

The festivities took place on 8 May 2019 on the campus of the SLV Halle. The evening began with a fascinating insight into the history of the company by the hosts Tino Gurschke and Martin Lehmann. The DVS Managing Director, Dr. Roland Boecking, was full of praise on the DVS ZERT. Professor Dr. Keitel from SLV Halle rounded off the entertaining speeches perfectly with charm and background information.

The musical entertainment programme consisting of swing and soul interludes provided a relaxed atmosphere in which all guests felt at home. The declared highlight of the evening was the performance of "Die Physikanten". With their incredibly funny performance, the two Witteners brought the secrets of physics closer to the attentive audience.

A very successful evening in a beautiful environment with many interesting conversations in between.