Sporty start to the summer

The 6th “Hallesche Firmenlauf” took place on 12.06.2019. The participation of DVS ZERT in the company run has already become a tradition. A total of 674 teams with 4 runners each took part in this year's company run.DVS ZERT started this year with 2 team relay teams. Thanks to the great support of the entire team, all DVS ZERT runners successfully reached the finish line after a distance of 2.3 kilometres over Ziegelwiese along the Saale.

For the first time this year there was the opportunity to start as a charity team and donate the participation fee to a charitable institution. The managing director of DVS ZERT, Tino Gurschke, spontaneously decided to donate the registration fee for benefit teams of 400 Euro to the “Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder e.V.” in Halle. The idea of combining sporting commitment with social responsibility and at the same time acting regionally was a matter close to the heart for the company boss. A total of five benefit teams collected 2,000 euros. At the award ceremony, Tino Gurschke (blue shirt) handed over the donation cheque to Gabriele Arndt, Managing Director of the Association for the Promotion of Children with Cancer.