New DIN EN 1090-2

With the publication of the new DIN EN 1090-2 in September 2018, the version DIN EN 1090-2:2011 will be replaced. The standard has been completely revised and, in addition to editorial adjustments with regard to terminology, contains the following essential changes:


  • Technical requirements for load-bearing, cold-formed structural elements and thin-walled profiled steel sheets as well as load-bearing, cold-formed components for roof, ceiling, floor and wall applications have been removed from this part of the DIN EN 1090 series of standards, as these are regulated in DIN EN 1090-4 and DIN EN 1090-5 respectively.
  • The informative Appendix B, which provided guidance for determining the design class, has been removed as the normative requirements for selecting the design class have been integrated into EN 1993-1-1:2005/A1:2014, Appendix C.
  • A new informative Annex D has been added to provide guidance for a procedure to verify the suitability of automated thermal cutting processes.
  • A new informative Annex I has been added to assist in the determination of preload losses due to thick coatings on contact surfaces in preloaded joints.
  • The normative Appendix J "Use of disks with direct force indicators" has been removed.
  • A new informative Appendix L has been added to assist in the selection of weld classes.

Further details on the changes are difficult to see, so the Schweißtechnischen Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten (SLVs) (Welding Training and Research Institutes) offer assistance in the form of seminars and exchanges of experience.

With its publication, the new standard forms the basis for the construction of steel structures and the certification of the factory production control according to DIN EN 1090-1.