Change of certification ISO 3834

In August 2021 the DIN EN ISO 3834 with the parts 2 to 4 were newly issued and published. Parts 1 and 5 will follow in January 2022, so that the updated series of standards is now available in its entirety. The series of standards has been editorially revised and, in particular, all references to standards have been updated. No technical changes have been made. Only in parts 2 and 3 section 16 "Calibration and validation of measuring, monitoring and test equipment" has calibration been supplemented by " ...calibration or validation ...", which is technically correct and confirms previous practice in the application of the standard. In the past, measuring, monitoring and test equipment was calibrated in operational practice if it was necessary or sensible to implement it for quality assurance and the achievement of the specified requirements. In the application area of manual welding processes, validation of the monitoring equipment was generally considered sufficient, since the influence of the welder's manual skills on the quality of the weld is decisive. With the revised series of standards, proven quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials are maintained and thus the series of standards continues to provide the basis for certification of welding operations without technical changes. DVS ZERT applied for the change of accreditation to the new series of standards at DAkkS in August 2021 and was able to successfully complete the procedure. With the change of accreditation as of 18.02.2022, DVS ZERT has started to issue certificates according to the new standard. All certificates issued according to the old standard remain valid until the expiration date. The conversion of the certificates according to the old standard will take place during the next audits.