Certification pursuant to DIN EN 15085

Certification pursuant to DIN EN 15085-2

This standard is the basis of welding of metallic materials for the manufacture as well as maintenance and repair of rail vehicles and parts thereof. It defines the quality requirements for the new construction of rail vehicles and the maintenance and repair of them.

The certification pursuant to DIN EN 15085-2 is essential for manufacturers who conduct welding on rail vehicles, parts and components thereof. Moreover, it addresses companies that purchase and assemble and purchase and distribute welded parts. The standard EN 15085ff is applied all over Europe as an acknowledged rule of technology.

The DVS ZERT, as an accredited certification body approved by the ECWRV (European Committee for Welding of Railway Vehicles) will conduct an audit on the compliance and implementation of the standard requirements of EN 15085-2 in the relevant certification level. After the successfully conducted audit you will be issued the certificate for the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts thereof, for the construction of rail vehicles and parts thereof, for the construction and the purchase and assembly of welded parts. For weld shops that perform maintenance and repair work on rail vehicles, the additional requirements DIN 27201-6 have to be fulfilled.

Certification Process


Preparatory talks (optional)


Application for Certification


Initial audit (optional)


Initial inspection

Assessment of the technical and personnel conditions.


Issuing of the certificate

After a successful initial inspection. 



Random checks on the compliance with the standards. 



After three years, a surveillance of the compliance with the requirements of EN 15085-2 is conducted, in order to renew the certification. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • DVS ZERT is a member of the coordination committee for rail vehicles. Accordingly, you have an experienced partner by your side.
  • Your EN 15085-2 certificate is in the online-register www.en15085.net, which is accessible to the public.
  • You can be certain that your certificate is acknowledged worldwide.
  • You will essentially increase your competitiveness.

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It is expected from you as a welding shop that the requirements on personnel and technology for welding supervisors, welding and testing personnel as well as operational installations and equipment, process qualifications and documents for the construction, dimensioning, welding and testing are implemented and proven according to the respective certification level. 


Submit an application to the DVS ZERT. We will be pleased to send you a quotation with qualified and approved auditors by your side, who will conduct the audit together with you.