Certification pursuant to DIN EN 1090

Certification pursuant to DIN EN 1090

The certification of the factory production control pursuant to DIN EN 1090-1 is addressed to manufacturers and distributing companies of structural parts made of steel and aluminium.

Since 01.07.2014 the European building products directive in connection with the harmonized standard EN 1090-1, has obliged to bring building products to market which have a CE marking.

The certificate pursuant to EN 1090-1 is the condition for obtaining the CE marking of your parts made of steel and aluminium. 

Certification Process


Preparatory talks (optional)


Application for Certification


Initial audit (optional)


Initial inspection

Assessment on the compliance of the FPC system on suitability to manufacture the part pursuant to the standards.


Issuing of the certificate

After a successful inspection. 


Continuous surveillance

Surveillance of the further operation of the FPC. The surveillance pursuant to EN 1090 is either conducted by an audit within the company or by means of a questionnaire of surveillance.

This is dependent on the execution class (EXC 1-EXC 4) and the relevant surveillance interval.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The DVS ZERT is your partner by your side with a longstanding experience.
  • Your EN 1090 certificate can be seen in the online register www.en1090.net, that is accessible to the public.
  • Your products are freely negotiable within the European Union.
  • Achieve legal security within the European Community.

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The essential condition for both, certification and surveillance of the factory production control is a quality assurance system pursuant to DIN EN 1090-1, which is implemented, operational and documented in written.

The scope of requirements of the factory production control is dependent on the execution class (EXC) you are manufacturing parts and assemblies.

Hereby, four execution classes EXC 1 (predominantly static loads, low consequences in the event of failure) to EXC 4 (parts with extreme consequences of for people and the environment in the event of failure) in the application standards for structural steel parts pursuant to DIN EN 1090-2 and for structural parts made of aluminium pursuant to DIN EN 1090-3. The requirements of the qualification of the employees and of the technical equipment are more severe from EXC 1 to EXC 4.


Make an application with the DVS ZERT. We will be pleased to submit you a quotation with qualified and approved auditors by your side, who will conduct the audit together with you.